Rick Durkes - Greens Chairman- Sankaty Head Golf Club

It was my good luck to have been the Green chairman at Sankaty Head Golf Club when the club decided to undertake a significant restoration process. Sankaty was established in 1921 and was laid out on Nantucket Island on a highly desirable piece of real estate for golf by a locally proficient golfer named Emerson Armstrong. It was a links style course at the outset due to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and the naturally breezy conditions. After an interview with Jim Urbina who was teed up by a significant golf figure, we decided he was the perfect fit for our project. 

Jim arrived in the fall of 2016. His first move was to set the mowing lines for the coming season. The impact was extraordinary and quick and inexpensive! His ability to visualize the proper shapes of the holes was perfect. What clearly had happened at Sankaty and at many other courses was various green committees or boards would tinker with their courses without doing a comprehensive evaluation of what needed to be done. Jim Urbina was effective in communicating what the ultimate objective was—to transpose an evolving overwatered parkland course into a true links with simple, but beautiful, aesthetics.

Rush Shull III - Greens Committee Chairman- Yeamans Hall Club

"Yeamans Hall Club's relationship with Jim dates back to the late 1990's when he helped complete our first green renovation. During the summer of 2017 Jim facilitated another large project which included the installation of USGA greens and restoring many architectural features throughout the course.  The results are truly fantastic and an achievement which would not have been possible without Jim's guidance, masterful planning and valued friendship over the past twenty years." 

Bruce Mosbacher- Greens Committee Chairman San Francisco Golf Club 

"San Francisco Golf Club would not enjoy the fully restored Tillinghast golf course that it does today without Jim Urbina’s talent and character.  We are all deeply in his debt and endlessly thankful that we are lucky enough to have benefited from his talents.”   

From the Pasatiempo Golf Club - Website

​"Pasatiempo has been in the trusted hands of Jim Urbina who has for over 20 years help guide and direct us in recapturing the design principles of Alister Mackenzie. Jim has continued that long standing directive to ensure that Pasatiempo stays true to its Mackenzie design principles" 


Joe Valenti - President - Bob O' Link Golf Club

“Jim was introduced to the membership early in the process and spent endless hours explaining his approach to the restoration of classic Golden Age designs.  His intelligent and enthusiastic response to questions and concerns was invaluable to the process of gaining membership support. During the construction Jim was ever present attending to every detail. It goes without saying that Jim's leadership was central to what we successfully accomplished at Bob O" Link"

Parker Anderson, Greens Chairman, The Valley Club of Montecito

"Your significant attention to detail, diligence and work ethic supported our decision to undertake this project and you did not let us down. Jim's outstanding work with us on drainage issues, detailed green contours and bunker shapes resulted in a fantastic finished product"

Mike Keiser - Land Steward - Bandon Dunes Resort

Jim Urbina built half of my golf facility in Bandon! Jim’s keen eyes and mind will enable him to do stunning design work now that he is on his own, furthermore, Jim and I are discussing several other bigger projects.” 


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